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RF Clipper Model PEP for external Operation.
Joachim Münch - Geniusbankstraße 7 - D 26388 Wilhelmshaven  (+49)04421-3586055   email

Zwei langjährige Mitarbeiter -DO2AL und DO5AL- übernehmen meine Firma aus der ich in den Ruhestand gehe.
Two long-time employees -DO2AL and DO5AL- take over my company. I'm going retire.

The device and the website have been revised. Price and order in the shop .......


R.F. Clipper with adjustable a.f. compression and noise gate. Clip Level indicated by LEDs. Tuneable BFO for pitch control. Compression settable between 1:1 and 9:1. Adjustable output level. Clipper/Compressor may be bypassed by switch. Alternatively, you may bypass the r.f. clipper only and use the compressor alone (including it's noise gate). The r.f. clipper uses a pre-aligned dual limiting circuit as well as three 6 pole ssb ladder filters and a switchable low-pass filter with 2.4 and 5 kHz with low reduction depending on the pitch (BFO) setting. Some attenuation has been provided for at and around 1 kHz (can be adjusted by pitch control) in order to allow for an optimum physiological response. Input and output connectors are 8 pin standard a.f. types.
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